frozen sunrise

frozen sunrise (Photo credit: Grapfinger)

I awoke this morning,
peeked through the curtains
and saw this house had gotten old
its roof gone all salt and pepper,
it’s boards creaking with the cold,
and its chimney steaming some miasma
I’m sure it didn’t yesterday.

The neighborhood’s shoulders wore
some of the fallen silver
and flakes of white, and
the whole tableaux seemed
shrouded in slate-gray clouds
cast in a penumbra
so dark I couldn’t read
that big E from only a few paces.

But then you opened your eyes,
the lids parting a passageway
for a sweet light to escape
the shadows of age, and I saw
in them the reflection of this house,
its roof black and smooth again,
its walls strong and whose windows
I now cast open to call Good Morning.

© Joseph Hesch 2012

The roof really WAS covered in a salt & pepper-like snow this morning. (Unfortunately, no time to take a photo.) My age-obsessed imagination took it from there. :):)

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  1. jmbhatt

    A very good morning to you!!! Metamorphosis of awakened soul sounds beautiful!!!

  2. love this!

  3. andreakbeltran

    Good morning, Joe. Love this image!

  4. Lovely Joe :) I’d written a poem to the morning, as well, but had forgotten it …thank you for reminding me xox

  5. Really like the way love is woven through this piece even though it starts of complaining. The word choices really set up the sublime ending. Very good poem.

  6. Beautifully expressed, Joe. xoJulia

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