Adrift on Social Seas

Fogbound ships , Gibraltar

Fogbound ships , Gibraltar (Photo credit: gailhampshire)

They told me if I was going
to make it from this island,
I would have to venture
offshore as they did,
into the sea
where artists must become mariners.

It’s deep and vast and foggy
out here,
and you can’t tell if the other
wayfarers are pleasure craft or pirates.
A dinghy could come off as a racing sloop,
a canoe as an aircraft carrier.
a corsair’s galleon seem a bass boat.
We could pass each other,
in the misty mythic day or night,
not knowing the other was there
or maybe not even caring,
though we should, sharing
these winds and seas as we are,
a community of solitary sailers.

If I dropped away, just sank
beneath this sea of zeros and ones,
leaving behind naught but
a slick of tweets, a wake of follows,
would any of the other vessels
In this fleeting fleet even know?
Would they even care?
It’s becoming quite scary
to brave the swells and storms
crewless and without a chart
to guide me to a place
I don’t even know I’ll reach.
Why’d I think I could leave
my beach?

10 thoughts on “Adrift on Social Seas

  1. Well you've certainly captured the underlying terror of the modern world…social networking grows, the internet grows, and it's true, we're connecting with more people all over the world, faster and faster, but are they meaningful connections? It's not faces watching us. It's lines of code staring back at us – a push of a button could delete it all, and likewise, we may be lost in the sea of other data. One can certainly feel adrift…Wonderful write!

  2. Are you talking to me? lol brilliant poem about putting yourself out there..'It's becoming quite scaryto brave the swells and storms alone,'…scary indeed. Love your writing Joe.

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  4. Just saw this one, Joe, that I had missed when first posted. For what it’s worth, there are other small boats navigating these uncharted waters, through the swells and lulls, past the pirates and the reefs where we might run aground. We are aware of “like” travelers and would surely send up a flag, a flare, a shout out to the four winds if one of ours were to ever “drop away.” Never be afraid to leave your “beach,” for your sails are strong and your allies many! 🙂

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