Hearts and Glowers

By Joseph Hesch
“What the heck is this?”
I heard her shout behind me, shattering
the silent glow of my nascent creative self.
She caught me just as I closed
the right-ventricle point of the heart
I drew with a purple crayon
on the wall in the family room.
“But, Mommy,” four-year old me said,
“don’t you think it’s pretty?”
She didn’t see the need to make the beige wall
not such a bore
I guess because her life had become
beige, too.
After Mom marched me to my room,
I wiped my nose and 
was glad I never completed
this artistic tribute.
She’ll be sorry, I thought.
I never got the chance
to write inside my heart,
in red this time,
It’s an unfortunate truth, I’ve learned from both sides of the story, that overwrought and under-rested parents don’t have the time, patience, or insight to factor their child’s need to make their own mark on life, to begin the growing up by being independently creative. Honest, if this story was true, it was not a case of being a sinner or saint.

It was just me learning to be me.


3 thoughts on “Hearts and Glowers

  1. Joe, this is fantastic! I'm at a contant battle to provide the time for my family and still do what needs to be done to pay the bills. I feel so bad for the times I have put off what my family needed from me in exchange for a big commission. Haven't done it in a while though…and while the pantry may be a little bit barer, our relationships are better for it. Thanks so much for the write…you plucked a heart string or two this morning 🙂

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