Lip Service

By Joseph Hesch

Did I smile last night?
It was dark and warm and I was
with you,so there’s a good chance I did. 
But I can’t be sure.
See, my lips are numb from too many years
of frowning and using them for little but
mumbling glib insincerity.
Maybe if I could press them to your lips
you could teach them to shape a smile again. 
A beautiful smile like yours.
And, while they’re there, perhaps
you could help me learn how to use them
to make you smile, too.
So tell me, did I smile?
Because, even if I did, I’m pretty sure
we can make a better one.

10 thoughts on “Lip Service

  1. Sometimes years of disappointment among the world can ingrain in us a touch of the uncertain, the pessimistic…but the smile and the touch of another can always aid in its dismissal. Lovely sentiments – may the pair go hand in hand to brighter days.

  2. I feel you, ever been on a fate when all you seem to say is yeah? And you think to yourself, did I actually say anything of worth that was listened to? I feel you! Hopefully that smile will be remembered after a good kiss 😉 lovely write x

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