Alone in the Dark

By Joseph Hesch

It’s pitch black where I sleep.
I’m okay with it that way, just me,
my breath and the dreams
we create with open eyes,
even though no one’s there
to say they’re not.

It’s lonely where I sleep.
I don’t really like it that way
but those near-sleep dreams
have comforted me for years
even though they can’t hold me
and I have trouble holding them.

Someday, I hope to find a place
to sleep where someone will
hold me and I can close my eyes
and dream the colors I can’t see here
where it’s pitch black and lonely and
closed eyes snuff what little light’s left in me.


3 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark

  1. Joe, this is wonderful! There is a truth in this piece that draws the reader in, engaging the point where you will never really be alone in the dark…your work speaks to too many!

  2. yep – i hear you, your comment on my blog in easy place to be – tenderly and honestly expressed in your wordsloved this lines esp.even though they can’t hold meand I have trouble holding them

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