A Rising Sunset

Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011 (Photo credit: Kasper Nybo)

In a land named for a growing celestial light,
it was earth itself that heaved upon it
the sudden shaking darkness.
The wasted land awakened a frightened ocean
that ran crying to its mother,
pushing people further out of reach
of their rising sun, never to see its light again.
Always the darkness can become darker,
and though fear shortens arms,
we must never fear to embrace
even the dusk when we may.

I wrote this poem two years ago for my friend, poet Heather Grace Stewart’s Poets for Tsunami Relief one-week blogzine of poetry on her website Where the Butterflies Go. That’s so Heather.


4 thoughts on “A Rising Sunset

  1. Joe, this is a wonderful write, capturing the moment, emblazing it for eternity within my mind's eye…not that the newscasts didn't to the same, but I prefer this approach must better…Now I must visit Heather and see if perhaps I can help too!

  2. Excellent work Joe. I was in Japan at the time of the quake, and it was certainly an eye-opening experience, among other things. I wasn’t directly affected, but was around many people that were.

    I think it’s wonderful that people such as yourself honour the memory. Thank you. 🙂

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