Fading Memory

By Joseph Hesch

The best I can say is
your memory has begun fading
from my mind, but
not yet from my dreams.
Certain, I am,
what little you recall
of Us
already is lost to you.
Too late, I learned
how little of your true self
you gave, acting more as
a wished-for mirror,
an inarticulate echo,
an adorable, unpettable pet,
for this lonely soul
merely searching for a friend.

8 thoughts on “Fading Memory

  1. You express a lesson that is most painful to learn. Great descriptions at the end that truly paints a picture of a poor friend. Excellent contribution to One Shoot Sunday.

  2. You really do have a way with words. You convey such feeling with the simplist of statements…without having to rely on a dictionary to decipher. Yes, there is sadness to be found here, but I think, there is also growth and strength, almost as though you're adding another notch to a long list of disappointments, just when you were starting to believe this one may have been real. Occassionally I have stumbled upon something real, only to realize just how rare it is in this strange and cynical world. Really loved this one Joe. Write on!

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