By Joseph Hesch
The delusion left
as swiftly, as completely
as it came.
Of course, it faked its way past others, too.
But how can I expect to become something more
than I’ve always been? 
Filling your world’s space as just
another one of those guys,
the faceless names and nameless faces on the street
you don’t hear and don’t see
every day
as you’re so involved,
checking your reflection
in each pane of glass
you pass. 
There, you did it again.
You’re always looking at who you are,
or think you are. 
I’m looking for who I might be.
We’re both wrong.

3 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. 'How can I expect to become something more than I've always been' ~ This line is a big part of mindfulness, something I really needed to learn at the time…great writing Joe. poetic / delusions/ snake their way / past the barriers / that we build. : )

  2. Oh my! Heavy stuff here, Joe! So many directions my mind wants to take, but the image of us checking out our reflections…again, something we see and do everyday, made poetic by your pen. All I know for sure, is each and everyday, I'm someone else…and that, I am desperatly hoping, is my ticket to evolution. Another day, another change, another attitude adjustment…another me! Yup…this one's got my head spinning…in a very good and poetic way 🙂

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