Falling for You

Sometimes, after I’ve
bled out a poem, 
I feel like
an autumn leaf,
dried, used up, but
captured in mid-fall
by an Impressionist
with a brush-full
of burnt sienna.
A fuzzily focused product
of squint-eyed genius,
forever falling,
but in eternal stasis
on your page.
Inspired by this piece of iPad art by artist Alison Jardine.  She’s become a devotee of the iPad, just as I have.  Back in 2011, I visited her galleries at AlisonJardine.com, and selected a piece that speaks to my seasonal, tree-based, self-revelatory oeuvre. My thanks to Alison for her permission to use this prompt.

11 thoughts on “Falling for You

  1. "captured in mid-fallby an Impressionistwith a brush-fullof burnt sienna."Favorite part. Dig the chained metaphor of a falling poem/paint/leaves/love all connected together. Excellent! 😀

  2. Quite a good summing up of that feeling, that something you grew has used you and fallen off, but in an oddly nourishing way. Clean and clear work, bright as the image.

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