Sharing Memories

By Joseph Hesch

Years of memories
recalled on these printed pages,
sharing thoughts thought lost,
you all learn too much of me
while I learn more of myself

Almost exactly five months ago, right after I broke the bottle over the bow of this digital ship of verse and such, I wrote my first poem for consumption of the One Stop Poetry audience. It was Japanese tanka with a Valentine’s Day theme. Well, for me it was.

Thought I’d revisit that form, as we have just passed the one-year anniversary for One Stop and we say au revoir to a clutch of friends I made there.  


2 thoughts on “Sharing Memories

  1. Beautifully expressed. I don't think this is a good-bye– although I must say that I believe someone very worthy and hard-working has been scapegoated to the max in all of this. I posted a comment on the OSP site that may not be published; I hope it is. Perhaps you can be sure, Joe, that when anyone on the team commits to featuring someone, then the commitment should be kept, yes? xxxj

  2. Joe! Another wonderful write, spoken so strongly in the voice of Joe I have come to recognize! I have Onestop to thank for finding you, and I will always be forever grateful to Onestop for connecting me with so many more! Imagine the poor souls out there, starting like we did…The loss of Onestop leaves room for another, so we can continue to HELP others find their own voices. When one door closes,so they say! (especially when it's beyond your control)

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