Like Father, Like Son

87/365 - The writing on the fridge

87/365 – The writing on the fridge (Photo credit: Micah Taylor)

I’m not my Dad, the first Joe.
I can’t build you a castle, a house,
or even a box. Wood and nails feel
as alien to my being as ingesting those
half-gestated Asian duck eggs.
I can’t scramble them, bake them
in a cake, or choke them down
in any form.

I know my limitations, and carpentry,
auto mechanics and such gifts
he almost taught me are
nice dreams for this smooth-hander,
but are as within my grasp as walking
the moon, dunking a basketball,
or entanglement in the warm limbs
of Andie MacDowell.

I can build something like houses
and castles and worlds, though,
out of words. Some even look pretty,
plumb, and even true.
I wonder if Dad would be as proud
of these skills as I always was of his.
Maybe he might think, with words, I’m
finally handier than tits on a bull.


17 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son

  1. Joe! What a wonderful pen! I am quite sure he would be as proud, if not more! This must be shared! 🙂 I'll raise my glass to you, as this poetic party gets underway! Here's to dVerse! 🙂

  2. Bring us your castles of words and the images will go down as smooth as vintage wine. We're making music with them at the Troubadour of Poetry here at dVerse poets and you are welcome any time. Brian is the landlord and we all sing for tips (smiles).

  3. Wood and nails areas alien to my being as those half-gestated Asian duck eggs.and the entanglement with Ashley judd… Exciting times ahead I think, Joe? Look forward to more interaction with you my friendLuke

  4. You've captured that feeling we get when we try to look into the minds of those whose opinions mean the most to us–and sometimes we'll just never know. But hopefully your father would be on board with doing the thing you love and doing it well. I can't remember the exact quote this reminds me of, but it's something like "It's not as important whether a man decides to be a lawyer or a shoemaker, as whether he decides to be a good shoemaker or a bad one." If you get my drift.

  5. Enjoyed this piece; how true we try to please our parents and hope they approve and enjoy and encourage what we do…you've built some nice words here… keep on building those word castles and worlds!

  6. I would love to live inside a castle built of words .. how beautiful that would be! I don't know you or your dad but I reckon he'd be proud! Loved your post!

  7. like yours Joe, my Dad was very handy, could always relie on him to build and restore – but I do know that he loved to read what I wrote and was very proud – and I think I can say without much question that I know that your Dad too would have been so very proud and even in awe of the abilites and talent of his dear son, as he shines through you – wonderful tribute – hugs Lib x ,

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