I thought you were my forever muse.
When we were new, odes and heartsongs
flowed from me like exhalations.
And then, despite my obsessions,
or maybe because, you were gone.
Your golden memory faded and
so too the words I once cast
as easily as my shadow.
Just when I thought I’d never
speak to the page again,
the page spoke to me.
It called me, invited me to play,
to discourse on love and nature
and all those people in the world
besides you.
See, I learned that a muse is a crutch,
an alibi, an excuse for not being
who I am and what I might yet be.
Thanks for that inspiration, at least.


36 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Ah yes, I know about making the Other the muse, the source. So dangerous. This is a psalm of self-emancipation– love these lines especially:When we were new, odes and heartsongsflowed from me like exhalations. xxj

  2. I like to think of such a thing as divine intervention! Sometime, when something holds us back that we think we so feverishly need, the world strips it away from us, and we hurt then we heal and then our true self starts to once again shine…and we can take our follies and broken hearts and turn them into the soundtrack of our brief journey here. Loved it Joe…really!

  3. See, I learned that a muse is a crutch, an alibi, an excuse for not being who I am and what I might yet be.I love this. Something to remember in any kind of relationship.

  4. Easy to blame it on the muse…but not so easy to take life, talent by the horns and steer it (no pun intended) you will. You did, and proved that the well does not have to run dry. This poem is an inspiration. Thanks, Joe!

  5. Yes, a striking start:I thought you were my forever muse.When we were new, odes and heartsongsflowed from me like exhalations.And throughout, your flow is what makes this complete… lovely pace and calm.. Thank you..

  6. I have never believed in the Muse. Never. To put the inspiration into the hands, etc…of something other than your own experience, thoughts seems…well…evasive and foolhearty.I like this poem very much, Joe. It strikes me as honest and I can relate personally.There was a time, three years ago, that words fled me like I was a plague…perhaps I was. I never thought I would write a poem again. I did, but I realized that before I was tied up with someone who chopped up my psyche. When we break free…we find more in this new freedom than just a walk-away.Good poem, Joe.Lady Nyo

  7. Joe, this has such a delightful rhythm and melodic quality to it that when I got to the end I found myself thinking – oh no, dont end just yet, I'm not ready. Always leave 'em wanting more eh!so too the words I once cast as easily as my shadow. – love these lines, they feel effortless and yet so effective.

  8. Sometimes we lose our way in the rat race of life and it isn't til we 'allow' ourselves the luxury of being still and daydreaming that we find our poetic voice, again, it seems this happened with you, glad it did. A lovely read, thank you.

  9. I like your take on this muse and the power within us to write and "speak" to a blank page.Sometimes the activity of just writing down all the incoherent ramblings to me , is also the start, and will lead you into another journey.

  10. This is a very clever write, where over time wisdom appears after heartache, and the writer knows that there are lessons to be learned even through loss. Scholarly but filled with emotion also…

  11. Cleverly closes out Joe, really enjoyed this, I had only a brief moment of understanding the 'muse' then I realized that its just me 😉 Great write ~ Rose

  12. I think about those who feel they must wait for inspiration to make any kind of art. It just doesn't work that way. You look at the blank page and make it happen, you make your own inspiration.

  13. Awesome awesome awesome!!! (LOUD APPLAUSE)This really spoke to me, Joe.. as I have been at war with my muses fro a while.. but there are times when I feel that it's not my muses that elude me, but my own will to write… and I accept the latter, I am automatically at peace, and even writing comes back to me.. 🙂 (sigh)..such are the ways of the world.. and every artist (person) has to deal with it I guess – by letting go – and inspiration will follow.. :)Very well written, my friend!

  14. I have to echo Mark–back in April for the poem a day challenge, which I thought I would never be able to do, I was amazed by what happened when I just sat down and said "I have to write something." It's all in there, and if losing a muse teaches you that, on balance, one wonders if you're not the winner in that last line.

  15. I enjoyed the poem but will still speak of my muse. The muse is what takes the pressure off me so I can truly write what I feel. I can write because the muse will fill in the gaps. I don't have to be great and when I'm awful, either way it's the muse's job. 🙂

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