Over the Top

By Joseph Hesch

She always had a problem 
with how he tended to over-think, 
over-do, over-reach, 
over-react, over-analyze, 
So, because he loved her so very, very much, 
he tried to change, a total make-over.
He tried to become like he saw her, 
accepting things as they came,
not sweating the small stuff. 
Something he wasn’t, really.
He beat himself nearly senseless 
to overcome his obsession
to make a big deal over every
little thing in his life. 
he was perplexed by the how or why, he
underestimated how much 
he’d changed to be the guy 
he thought she wanted.
That’s why he never fully
understood what to do, 
when she said,
“We’re so over.”

5 thoughts on “Over the Top

  1. Joe, There are many tragedies woven here. Why anyone should have to change themselves is beyond me. If we were all alike, wouldn't the world be a boring place? I once tried to fit someone else's idea of what I should be and failed miserably. Very thought provoking and well written. Beth

  2. Oh, see? This is why so many relationships fall through. People think they have to change. There's a lack of communication, especially concerning emotional needs and wants. It's so sad. Great piece, really. I loved the sense of overreaching for everything, and thus, at the end, going too far (and in vain, too). – Nick @ Whispers

  3. ouch…ugh…the thing that got me is he felt the need to change so it was not her, except maybe there was unconcious pressure…and perhaps it is because she loved him as he was…yikes…

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