A Twelvemonth’s Tears

December Sky

December Sky (Photo credit: catladycam)

The December weather has edges
and sharp points, like a star
atop the Christmas tree.
When I inhale, the air feels
of peppermint but the flavor
favors woodsmoke from
my neighbor’s fireplace.
It’s during these nights,
under a stardust canopy
and a searchlight moon,
my eyes sting and water a bit.
Not sure if it’s from the the cold,
the smoke, or the need to
sweep the cinders
of another year from them.
Or perhaps this year
it’s to wipe the spillings
of an old year away to prepare
for a brighter new one.

4 thoughts on “A Twelvemonth’s Tears

  1. This starts feeling a bit nostalgic, and ends a little melancholy–but that's okay, because it is the season for memories, both sad and happy. I, too have moments through the season (all it takes for me is to hear the words to 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', corny as that sounds). It seems like this past year has had some rough spots for you. I can only hope the next IS one is brighter! 🙂

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