The Way

I never coursed the twilight riverbanks
as you did, narrow translucent frames
of sunset’s red, the white face of moonrise .
This man’s exodus treads sterile desert,
trackless, sometimes illumined
by cold lunar light, more often cursed
by solar sear. My body became
a parchment chart of these wanderings,
dry memorial scars of the paths
I’ve traveled, the steps blown smooth behind me
by winds of time. Scratched words and images
I must recall in finding my way when I reach
these blessed oases of light and life
…you’re reading one.

© 2012 Joseph Hesch

Poetry Showcased by My Friend, Author Al Boudreau

My friend, author Al Boudreau, is generously featuring my work on his Website today, the first anniversary of my entering the Blogosphere. I’d like to thank Al for his terrific support. I’m forever stunned when artists like Al tell me they enjoy my words. I’d like to thank, as well, all who have found their way to A Thing for Words over the past year. You give me reason to keep believing I can do this.

You can find Al’s great blog at:

Once again, deepest gratitude to Al and all my friends for your interest and support.

Our First Anniversary — Hello, Goodbye, and Hello Again

This weekend marks my one year anniversary as a blogger. More accurately, as a blogging poet and writer. It has been one of the most remarkable and personally fulfilling years of my life.

At the beginning of February, 2011, at the suggestion of a new online friend, the terrific German poet Claudia Schoenfeld, I built this blog — A Thing for Words — to share my poetry. One of the reasons I needed the blog was to join the fun and collegiality of Claudia’s and her friends at the One Stop Poetry site. Because of One Stop’s One Shot Wednesday feature, I was writing at least a poem a week to share with other poets around the world.

And I was making new friends, some of whom I will cherish for the rest of my days. You know who you are. I tell you that all the time.

With the unfortunate demise of One Stop, I was astonished when Claudia asked if I would be willing to become a staffer with a new online poetry site/community, dVerse Poets Pub. That honor brought even more of you to the blog, and I met more and more of you.

And now it’s been a year of blogging my guts out and I am ready for the next moves — hopefully finding a publisher interested in the poetic impressions of a reawakened man and artist (that’s the hard one) and moving A Thing for Words to a new blog platform and design.

So here are two bits of news you might use. One, I never really expected to be a poet. In fact, I didn’t want to be one. But once I began, I found poetry fulfilled my need to truly express myself as a man and artist, and it made me feel special. You made me feel special. I still write my short stories, as you have found on these pages, but sometimes it’s not so easy. So I write poems, some good, some not so good. But I write them, which is the most important thing, right?

I hope all of you followers of the old blog will follow me and subscribe here. You’ve made Joe Hesch believe he’s a poet. I’d like to show that you were right. Thanks for a year of great thrills and friendship. Bless you all!

This Cup

Do you want out of today,
maybe to stare harder
into the dim almost-known
of west-bound tomorrow?
There won’t always be
a tomorrow, you know.
Just as there will come
a day when there is
no more today, either.
No more chance
to stand in front of
the crack’d and prism’d
mirror of memory to check
for the perceived softness, or
the scars of yesterday.

Why do we worry about
those things we have yet
to touch, or we have touched
and came away the bruised or
the bruiser? Better we break
that mirror and cease scanning
a horizon for a dawn we’re not sure
will come to warm another
Today. This day is the basin
in which we should wash;
Now is the cup from which
we should sip.
Oh, hell, let’s gulp it.

© 2012 Joseph Hesch

Here’s a look at what I might call a thought of cup-ay diem I had this morning while waiting for the computer to boot up. Sometimes they come that quickly…more times than I care to admit.  Unedited, unvarnished, in the moment… Gulp the Day!

A Sweetheart of an Award

Depending on how deeply you drill into the definition in your German:English dictionary, the word liebster, means dearest  or sweetheart. Recently, my dear/dearer/dearest friend, the sweet-heart British poet Louise Hastings, presented me with a Liebster Blog Award.  Louise best fits that German translation among all the folks I’ve met in my one year out here in the digital wilderness. I unabashedly love this darling girl to bits!

In accepting this award, along with the new skill of gracious acceptance Louise is trying to teach me–rather than my native incredulity–I must agree to:

1. Show my thanks to the blogger who gave me the award by linking back to them. (Every day, and exponentially here.) Louise’s blog, Wings Over Waters, is must-read stuff each and every day if you wish to go places you’ve never been or places you forgot you had.

2. Reveal my top 5 picks for the award and let them know I have selected them as I have been selected. (Love these folks and their blogs. Sorted and complete.)

3. Post the award on my blog. (Obviously–you’re reading this.)

4. According to Louise, bask in the love from the most supportive people in the Blogosphere. (Without you, there is no Poet Guy me!)

5. And, finally – have fun and spread the karma! (Cool, I’m a giver at heart. Hey! I am!)

Since I can’t pick Louise and Wings Over Waters, here are my five picks:

Beth Winter (Twitter handle: @beth_winter) has become a good friend and supporter of the Joe Hesch that pops up around the Web. Her blog, Eclipsing Winter, is where she posts her poetry, prose, and “anything else my itchy pen decides to scratch.” Beth also treats us to some cool photographs from not only her native fruited plains of Kansas but around the world at her blog, Eclipsing Winter. 

Ginny Brannan (@GinnyBrannan) is a lot like yours truly, a writer and poet who, as she says, “Came this dance a bit later than some.” But, as she also notes, on her her blog, Inside Out Poetry, the most important thing is that she came here. She is justifiably proud her inner poet and writer has finally emerged… the dreamer was always there! Plus, Ginny’s a homegirl from the chill of the Northeast. A prolific blogger, you can read Ginny’s verse and opinion at Inside Out Poetry

Anthony Desmond (@iamEPanthony) is a twenty year old Detroit born writer. Raised and homeschooled by his single mother, he first discovered his God-given gift for writing at the age of sixteen. His work is eccentric, abstract, and badass. He is intrigued by pain & sadness, and explores these emotions across a wide array of subject areas: politics, death, religion, and the struggles of everyday life. His poetry is honest, unadulterated and often breathtaking. You can be absorbed by the pen of this gifted young man at The Glass Staircase

Joanna Lee (@la_poetessa) is one of those Renaissance people who can do it all, but you like them anyway because they’re so damn sweet and cool. An M.D. in Richmond, Virginia, Joanna’s acaemic and professional journey was not creatively barren, however; an entire section of her first book, the somersaults I did as I fell, was inspired by the intimate experiences she had with life and death while on clinical rotations. A hardworking promoter of poetry events in the Richmond area, Joanna’s own beautiful writing and photography can be found on her blog The Tenth Muse.

My other Renaissance woman named Lee selection, Diana Lee (@Diana605) is a terrific supporter of this old poet guy, but is, most importantly, a brilliant poet and photographer. Her poetry can be found at Diana’s Words and her verse-illuminated photgraphy (21st Century haiga, anyone?) is hung at Life Through Blue Eyes. Diana is one of the greatest supporters of art and poetry in the Twitterverse.

There are many other people I wish I could have chosen to give this award, but according to its rules, I could only pick five. I hope they will pick up some I couldn’t. I appreciate you all as friends and straight up commentators and all readers should take a look at your blogs/sites. They’ll enrich your life. I guarantee it. I love all of them!