This Cup

Do you want out of today,
maybe to stare harder
into the dim almost-known
of west-bound tomorrow?
There won’t always be
a tomorrow, you know.
Just as there will come
a day when there is
no more today, either.
No more chance
to stand in front of
the crack’d and prism’d
mirror of memory to check
for the perceived softness, or
the scars of yesterday.

Why do we worry about
those things we have yet
to touch, or we have touched
and came away the bruised or
the bruiser? Better we break
that mirror and cease scanning
a horizon for a dawn we’re not sure
will come to warm another
Today. This day is the basin
in which we should wash;
Now is the cup from which
we should sip.
Oh, hell, let’s gulp it.

© 2012 Joseph Hesch

Here’s a look at what I might call a thought of cup-ay diem I had this morning while waiting for the computer to boot up. Sometimes they come that quickly…more times than I care to admit.  Unedited, unvarnished, in the moment… Gulp the Day!

43 thoughts on “This Cup

  1. *gulping*

    Is there something about your mind that moves it along the same plane as others yet with a different view, both broader and more focused on detail? This is very like my tendency to focus on the right now in order to escape stress and confusion. I do hope that there are many more tomorrows in each of our todays.

    • Thank you, Beth. I am always thrilled to see your comments. Your support so greatly appreciated! 🙂

      I’ve only discovered this mindful way to live. It’s a difficult fit for a born worrier, but I seem to be altered by it, instead of it being altered to me.

  2. Let’s gulp it while we can…live for today a little…a grand message in your lovely poem. It’s too easy to live regretting the past and dreaming of the future. NOW is what matters and what I try to remember…you’ve captured it wonderfully, dear Joe xoxox

    • We can remind each other, Louise! You know how I feel about staying within the penumbra of life, neither the dark sundown nor the too light midday.
      Thank you, my dear dear girl! xoxox

    • Thanks, Joanne!

      The way I looked at it, those who look behind are either trying to see a beauty that may or may not have existed, or the slights and injuries. Believe me, I was one of them. 🙂

  3. Aw Joe, love ithis!
    “Oh, hell, let’s gulp it.” Indeed!!
    Sometimes those “in the moments” are truly inspired aren’t they, just seem to write themselves. Love when that happens! Excellent piece, unedited and all!!

  4. So very true I agree, we should gulp away for the today’s and tomorrow’s only last so long. Just don’t choke, then the gulping will be the cause of having no more..haha

  5. staying in the moment, Joe….something very hard to do…but that is all we really have, neh?

    There are tones of Stafford in this, which is good to me, such a profound poety he was.

    Lovely, with an abiding message in there.

    Lady Nyo

  6. Wonderful sentiments Joe, the cup-ay-diem idea is great, absolutely love it. As well, the last line just reinforces the sentiments in the piece. Great job. Thanks

  7. Oh my goodness I loved this.
    I am just… out of words.
    Love the concept…
    This was my favorite part:
    “Better we break
    that mirror and cease scanning
    a horizon for a dawn we’re not sure
    will come to warm another
    Today. ”
    Kudos! Happy Tuesday ~_^

  8. I enjoyed reading this one very much.

    Some times the fear of suffering is more than the suffering itself… that is why we still use that mirror…

    Loved your lines…

    “Why do we worry about
    those things we have yet
    to touch, or we have touched
    and came away the bruised or
    the bruiser? ”

    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryday

  9. Wow- I think I need to read this everyday to remind myself that there is no point feeling sad aboutnthebpast, or worrying about what might happen in the future. It’s all about today- here and now- I loved the imagery of the basin- this sounds strange- but this is often the place where I’m most reflective! Standing n front of the mirror washing my face and looking at myself- I know that sound odd! Very much enjoyed this

  10. A sort of live for today cos tomorrow may not come theme, but this is so much more than that, Joe. It’s about not seeking the likely unattainable; not letting go of what we have too soon; savouring the moment. It’s all in there and still carries a subtext, the story that is ever present in your poetry. I shall be front of the queue to buy your first collection when it’s published…

  11. This day is the day we should wash….a great line….and yes let’s gulp it. Can’t do a damn thing about the past…it’s done. The future always a mystery and a question. But the now! Ah, here it is …there it goes, and the now is always the future. Nice work, Joe! Excelsior!

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