For One Night Only

By Joseph Hesch

She’s finally the star, the honoured one,
first name on the program, the role for which
she tore at the spotlight and her peers
for years,even her sister.
Here on the grandest stage,
she stretches long and luxuriant
in the floral glory of forever-Spring,
every eye on her without her usual
strained performance.
But she doesn’t enjoy that glow,
the audience’s buzz, the glory,
the honour coming with this position,
center-stage, at the front of the house.

Our star can’t appreciate being the jewel
in the mahogany box with all eyes on her.
One night only, in her ultimate role
— SleepingBeauty —
judicious application of cosmetics
and stageccraft have returned
some of her benign youthful allure
for those brought to tears by her final bow.
If she only knew it was so easy
to win this attention, this reverence,
this love.
All she had to do was die.

© 2012 Joseph Hesch


2 thoughts on “For One Night Only

  1. Such a sad & poignant poem…it makes me want to live life as much as I can while there’s still time … Beautiful and sad writing, dear Joe..*hugs close* xoxox

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