Morning Buzz

Sleepy as I almost always am most mornings,
I’m still mindful of all those other too-far-to-walk-so-I’ll-drive
somnambulists buzzing from Velveetaville to whatever hive
they turn their nectar into such honey
their queens (and creditors) consume.
This morning, as I sped my way squint-eyed
and fully present down the Interstate,
onto the Bypass, into this bureaucratic carpark,
and carefully up the lane to the open parking spaces ahead,
my flight was diverted. To my left, flying diagonally
across seven lanes of open parking slots,
a maroon Camry sped, aiming for one just to my right.
Behind the wheel, with her head already in
the eighth slot from the end of the row,
a woman with the target fixation of a rookie fighter pilot
vectored right at me. I stopped my car as she overshot,
oblivious to this silver Volkswagen she would have T-boned.

After I parked, I exited my car looking to T-bone her
with a stinger full of inventive invective.
That’s when the young woman in the short, tight,
burnt-orange knit skirt, black stockings and heels
crossed my path, and my attention became
a mindful observation upon the rhythmic wonders
and wonderfully soft mechanics of such creatures
the Lord has made.
As I reached the door to my building,
a different woman approached, sacks of bagels and fixings
in each hand. I smiled as I held the doors wide for her and
she returned my morning bonhomie with
a ring of cinnamon raisin thanks.
I figure Life’s too short to swat idiots when
I’ve black-stemmed American Beauty blooms to enjoy
and honey-walnut sweetness to spread, you know?

7 thoughts on “Morning Buzz

  1. really liked this and the change of mood …everyday is full of positivity if we only look for it and appreciate it …thanks for lifting the mood x

  2. to whatever hive
    they turn their nectar into such honey
    their queens (and creditors) consume.

    nice that huh? have you posted this before? i feel like i read it…funny how that short skirt rather destracts the moon is too short to always be swatting hte idiots…but maybe occassionally is ok…smiles.

  3. Gat shift! I can imagine this…the road rage only to then relent in the beauty of the female form! Creating an Angelic Aura! – some awesome lines here Joe- and visuals- equating the workforce to bees…I think it’s the real ness I really like- I can imagine this happening to me- thanks for giving us a snapshot into a moment of your working week!

  4. sometimes, i feel as if work is all about just getting there, dealing with traffic and the parking. here you express a whole subculture in the driving and parking and how fractal moment of the day influences our mood, our behavior, our thoughts for the rest of the day.

    Sonnet 24

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