Confessions of a Poet Guy








According to most of your rules manuals,
I’m a poor excuse for a writer.
I’ve read six books in the past year
and two of them were The Sun Also Rises.
I can’t write every day and
I don’t want to hear how you do.
Some say I’m a poet, though I believe I’m
a reborn storyteller who spins tales on paper
in busted up lines. Papa Hemingway,
Robert Parker and Ron Carlson taught me
how to fib like this. See, it’s a guy thing…
and the only way I can get away with lying
in this world full of women
who read between my broken parts.

The poetry I learned from no one, except
maybe a big lesson from old Bill Stafford
who said I didn’t have to be perfect, just lower
my phony idea of your standards and write.
It’s kind of like drinking beer, I guess.
So as a poet, I’ve become a minor league beer snob
who dislikes major league beer snobs.
Oh, and while I’m at it,
I believe canned cheese product
is both fine dining and a swell serving device.
I sing fairly well, but never in front of people,
so maybe I don’t. My dog Mollie ain’t saying.
She doesn’t care if she lies perfectly, either.

© 2012 Joseph Hesch

32 thoughts on “Confessions of a Poet Guy

  1. Ha! Can totally relate to this. No poor excuse for a writer are you!! Writing every day may give some bragging rights, but doesn’t necessarily make the writing good. Those “broken parts” seem just fine to me, Joe. I think the only standards we need live up to are our own! (Just sayin’!)

  2. This is great and I think you’ve given hope to all of us mold breakers, everywhere. Different teachers perhaps, but same results.

  3. I guess your problem is… now that’s a terribly negative way to start a comment! But I’ve started now… You just need to join with this poet guy, who doesn’t really like calling himself a poet either – probably for the same reasons that you self-deprecatingly espouse your own inadequacies – because he, like you, only just started writing it! You wrote prose for all those years, so you are programmed to think that way. But listen up, Poet Guy, before you hit English turf, get it into your noddle, like it or not, you ARE a storyteller AND you ARE a poet! And a thoroughly engaging one at that. So let’s move on; your fans await you…

    • Hi, Helen!!!! Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment! I really don’t like canned cheese product either, but whipped cream didn’t sound “guy” enough for the beer drinker… 😉 Isn’t “…product” that a great “almost-” modifier? Like so many of the posts here are “poem products.” Be well, my dear!!! xox

  4. You have a talent, Joe, for poetic storytelling ~ you wrap up your narratives in such an engaging & stylish way that they fall off the belt beautifully packaged & looking for all the world like … well, poems! Really like this one 🙂

  5. Joe,
    I want to say something meaningful to this, not just a platitude, but I fear my own words, they have tripped me up so often in this pursuit.
    If I tell you ‘I get it’ and it is both ‘familar yet foreign’ to me. I do not know ‘your story’, but I so relate to the feelings wrapped within it.
    You don’t need me to tell you your a poet, anymore than anyone telling me that will take those similar feelings we have away.
    I admire your writing ability both poetically and storytelling, it is something I strive for still. 🙂


  7. ha…i feel you man…and you do give hope…i have never really learned poetry myself and only started because someone challenged me to try…i rather like story teller as the mantle any day…smiles.

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  9. This totally made me smile. A good lesson. “and two of them were The Sun Also Rises.” made me laugh at loud.
    Last year I re-read all of his work in chronological order. He is by far my favorite writer.
    I think whatever shirt fits, you wear it well.

  10. I was cleaning out my email inbox and came across this post of yours. I’m so glad I saved it for later reading! Loved it! Brought a smile to my face. Honest writing. Nicely done. xo

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