In Touch

Tablet use 2

Tablet use 2 (Photo credit: ebayink)

This third-degree spotlight with which I’ve played
the staring game for so long has compelled me
to blink out my truths, my lies, even most of my secrets.
And the poetic latest…
I hate it here. In this place, in this spot,
wherever I’m situated, and you’re not.

Forgive the rhyme. It’s not what I do,
but I’m squirming like a four-year-old at a funeral
parked as I am in front of any glowing cyclops
—PCs, tablets, laptops (did it again)—
my eyes turning rectangular as round real feelings collide
in left and right dimension, never palpable forward and back.

I guess so much real world feels near unreachably
distant as that place behind the glaze through which we
legally expose ourselves each day. Is THIS line true,
or a virtuality of what I mean? I like to whisper it to you,
but the closeness it requires might only further fog
what passes for truth. Unless we touch. Ohhh, we’d like that.

Written in response to the prompt Where in the World am I? – Meeting the bar @dVersepoets hosted by my friend and colleague Victoria C. Slotto.

6 thoughts on “In Touch

  1. Joe, you’ve really captured the reality of virtual isolation and created the feeling of isolation that it can induce. There is an important dose of wisdom here. I’m kind of glad I spend the better part of my life in a computer-free world. At least I have memories to draw on and the motivation to log-off and live in order to create more!

  2. “I hate it here….wherever I’m situated and you’re not….” so so good, Joe. I’ve come to expect the unexpected from you. I guess that means your consistently inconsistent – and I love that. You’re always straight from the heart – but sometimes the level of intensity changes….and sometimes, you reveal something new or someplace new inside ourselves that we don’t remember until you poke at it with your sweet words. Thank you. xo Julia

  3. haha…touching is def nice….my eyes turning rectangular as round real feelings collide….it is interesting to me what can come about through those screens you know…smiles….i def feel the longing as well joe…

  4. I like this. It evokes questions as well as a sense of familiarity. And that final line.. playfully written, i must guess. That’s how it looks from here :).

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