Right About Now

You’ll never touch tomorrow,
never glimpse it or even smell
the banana bread cooling on the counter
in its house of possibilities.
You’ve already tossed yesterday aside,
used, no-deposit/no-return.
But today, right now, this moment,
is here for the taking.
Pick it up. Run your fingers across
its soft warm belly, it’s cool slickness,
its moist freshness. Smell it, even lick it.
Or, better yet, give it a kiss.
Hold it like a precious gem, a helpful tool,
or, more to the point, a child.
That tiny one with all the potential
to be something great…or something less.
You’re the caretaker of this moment.
So take care of it. But if you don’t,
that’s okay, too. There’s another’s one
just as new and important right behind it.
See, Life is a fecund and promiscuous bitch.
That’s why I love it.

6 thoughts on “Right About Now

  1. When life gets stressful because of outside influences, would haves, could haves, maybe wills and oh how I wishes, I make a point of stopping and seeing the right now. Thoroughly enjoyed, Joe.

  2. What a perfect reminder to “grab for the gusto,” and find joy not only in that which touches our lives, but in the way our lives touch others. Lovely, Joe.

    “See, Life is a fecund and promiscuous bitch.
    That’s why I love it.”


  3. I like this a lot, Joe. Your opening is staggeringly good, “you’ll never touch tomorrow,never glimpse it or even smell,” and along with your equally evocative closing frames the senses of the moment. Great poem and excellent advice.

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