Sky Blue Pudding

It always looked so smooth and soft
when I watched others enjoying it,
that sky blue pudding with whipped cream clouds.
I would stare at it up there on the tall counter,
my arms never long enough to find if it
was as sweet as it looked.
I climbed on chairs, scaled open cabinet drawers,
dipped my finger into bowls, sampled them,
found nothing sweeter…and always fell hard to the floor.
Even when I finally got a bowl, I lost my grasp,
dropping it to shatter all over creation.
I had gotten lost in it, cloud-bound, blind,
bumping into shards of Oreo mountaintops and
jagged pieces of others’ skinned-over sky blue pudding.

Why did mine become so hard, separated
into runny messes of azure bark and spoiled whey?
Didn’t I deserve the good stuff?
Then you came along, inviting me to your kitchen,
offering your recipe for my longed-for prize.
Now I feast on it, sneak into your fridge at night
and steal some (even though you said
I could have it anytime I wished), and
get all sticky lipped and happy.
You’ve even let me lick the spoon and bowl
while we make our own batch every day,
with whipped cream clouds but no Oreos.
It really is smooth, soft, sweet and sky blue.
It’s heaven, don’t you agree?

I sure wish I knew where this poem and its motif came from. Because I don’t. But I’m pretty sure I know where it went. I hooked it up with dVerse Poets open link night.


25 thoughts on “Sky Blue Pudding

  1. This poem is delicious, sweet Joe! *smiles* I know something of what it’s like to search for that ‘blue sky pudding’ & I’m licking out the bowl now. Btw.. I think you still have some cream on your lip 😉 *hugs* xoxo

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  4. Sometimes we drop the bowl and it shatters, and sometimes we just lose the recipe for awhile, to rediscover the sweetness once we find it again. Lovely analogy, Joe. (& thanks again for your expertise, my friend!)

  5. Wonderful – loved the continuum of life how the desire from your childhood found satisfaction in adulthood. Deelish!

  6. You and your mushy lovey stuff, you know you’re having an effect over the pond, right? Nice thoughtful story here Joe, really enjoyed getting lost in that moment just before puddles begin to form 😉

  7. Sharing the spoon, the bowl, the little sort of forbidden things are always delicious…and innocent.. You recaptured a little of your childhood…and that’s always tasty…I enjoyed this…and now for some pushups!

  8. This poem intrigued me. I laughed at some of your references, etc…but took it all as a whole, rather seriously. “Cloud bound, blind”.

    There is a wonderful stream of time and of motion to this poem.

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