Troon Lifeboat

Troon Lifeboat (Photo credit: ADL999)

They say you can drown
in an inch of water,
but I’ve seen life lights dowsed
in but a dram of self-pity
or a cup or so of sorrow, too.
The quicksand beaches
of this Crusoe’s island
of isolation can pull us
under just as easily as
that fearsome riptide
of dark thoughts
just steps from shore.
We’ve got to get off,
leave all these
soul-choking vines behind
before we become just
another set of the scattered bones
of those who chose to drown ashor–
bones even we’ve blindly kicked aside.
There’s a lifeboat
beyond the fearsome reef of doubt;
its hands eager to haul us
away to anywhere we want.
Come on, keep your head up,
if we’re going down,
let’s go under swimming.


11 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. This is my absolute favorite of yours, Joe! I can’t give you a “for instance” of which line I like because I would have to rewrite your entire poem. Every single sentence holds value, validation, and personal meaning to me. You’ve expressed it all so concisely, but it still holds a heartbeat…..xo Julia

  2. I really feel the last lines, Joe! Although you can sense the bleakness throughout the poem, the ending is a surprising turn of hand – I love the notion of “going under swimming” – excellent. 🙂

    • Thank you, Stacey! Some would agree with me because it looks it, but I wasn’t “thinking” as I wrote this. I just wrote. So those last lines came from a subconscious hope I harbor, I guess. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Well you know this is right up my alley Joe, the perfection expression of triumph in adversity, the choice not to suffer but witness and action…lovely! Send my love ~ Rose

    • You and I aren’t going to drown if we keep lifting each other’s heads in word and deed, my dear Lou! Continuing triumph over the dark and life’s slings and arrows–yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow–inspired this.

      Thank you for your inspiring presence, MDG!! 🙂 xxxx

  4. Definitely on of ‘those’ from the deepest recesses… Super feeling this gives to a descendant of sea-fairing nation, Joe, and agree with Stacey, those last two lines are just ace.. (a very poetic ‘ace’, you understand).

  5. Uber groovy loved this piece! My favorite part-

    “We’ve got to get off,
    leave all these
    soul-choking vines behind
    before we become just
    another set of the scattered bones…”

    And I agree we should all go under swimming. Peace.

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