My dreams never seem
to come true. That’s mostly
because I barely remember
those alleged sleeping visions.
Reality, though, if it exists,
walks me through a dreamscape
wherein I conjure all manner of
spectral maybe.

Does it matter whether I lead
a life of imagined self
in real battles and true loves,
or a real feet-on-the-ground life
with imaginary foes and
a touchless one who holds
in her see-through hand
my ghostly heart?

I can’t choose where to rest
my future until that day
when real meets Real,
warm touches Warm, and I feel
reverie quaking the Earth.
Until then, I am content
to let dream-deprived imaginings
inform this long-aching truth.

©Joseph Hesch 2012

6 thoughts on “Figment

  1. I love this poem…I can so relate to walking through reality & dreams…”when real meets Real & warm touches Warm” that’s all that matters…beautiful writing 🙂 xox

  2. Open your dream notebook of your soul. Begin a journal of every ant that got to the sugar. Tell me when he warned the others to race past the real hormones of memory left behind and write it down for us to sing.
    So pleased to read your work.

  3. what a fresh concept……”when real meets Real,” and again…..warm touches Warm, and I feel/ reverie quaking the Earth.” Superb.

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