Five Sentence Fiction ~ Memories

Lillie McFerrin

The Lights


Lights (Photo credit: williamhartz)

She loved this time, the first instance each show when she broke from behind the curtains and into the lights.

She can feel her power to draw the attention of men as well as women to her beautiful face, her seductive body, her magnetic being.

She reveled in the fact that every man out there wanted her and every woman sitting with that man secretly wanted to be her, sinuously slinking down the catwalk, head high, stride strong, to stop at its end, right hip, POP, left hip, POP, swirling turn, and show them the rear view is as good as the front.

The lights, she thinks, it’s the power of the lights that helps bring this power out of me, the light that loves me…Love…and this crowd loves me…Love.

Just listen to them, just…“Can I give your wheelchair a push, Mrs. Marmelstein, love?”

©Joseph Hesch 2012

This week’s little story is written in response to Lillie McFerrin’s Five-Sentence Fiction prompt “Memories.”

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