Sincerely yours…

Deutsch: Eine Flaschenpost wird während einer ...

The deafening dismissal I sense
from your silent indifference
has done its job, drying this public pen,
chasing me to the journal again –
the one I share with so very few.
Maybe two.

I understand, you wanted
more from me,
from point of view I see,
even if it wasn’t true,
so long as it was about you.
And the other few.

But maybe you don’t care,
how some of us cannot share
beyond these letters we cast
to the storm-tossed and vast
in cursored bottle blinking
from depressed poet, oft sinking.

Mine would bear barely a label,
but always carried a fable,
a story, a confession,
and the implicit signature
in hope you got the impression
I was…

Sincerely yours.

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