Close your Eyes

Close your Eyes (Photo credit: Piccadilly Pink)

Matte and colorless, not black,
nor any shade of gray, is my Dark.
Even without gesture, no nuance other than
its lack of supposed visual,
to touch, taste, or smell within Dark’s embrace
slams sensory experience into me with vitality,
vast and vigorous.
How often needless is Light, the glow of clouds and snow
kissed by Sun, or the angled ray that would allow me
to perceive the hairs rise on your arm at my touch
in the Dark?

Why do you turn your eyes from Light
when it glares into your face? You close them
when you kiss me, when you smell a rose,
taste the finest sustenance. Close them now,
join me where there is no jangle of what may be real,
the Hall of Mirrors reflection of what you perceive
all your Its to be.
Beneath your present gaze exists Life I have created
from that you might curse, as you search,
with candle lit, for something you cannot hold,
if broken by once precious Light,
like silence crashed.

19 thoughts on “Dark

  1. Indeed, what does it mean? Each to our own interpretation. Sometimes poetry’s at it’s best when it’s like this. Whatever, you may think of it, Joe, I think it does carry all the hallmarks of a great poem.

  2. smiles…i think at times depriving our other senses allows us to be in that moment and not let anything come into it but what we are feeling and who we are with…thus i embrace the dark

  3. Something gently piercing here, Joe, another sweet and multi-layered piece from you. You leaped into some metaphysical country for me with this one, where inside the husk, your soul reached out beyond the senses, still in love after all these years; sweet.

  4. intriguing, almost cries (for me) to hear a response from whom you’ve spoken –

    beautifully nuanced with alterations, such as,

    “as you search,
    with candle lit, for something you cannot hold” – yes, very nice, thank you 😉

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