Five Sentence Fiction ~ Devotion

Nick Barbara


Distance (Photo credit: las – initially)

“You’re a hopeless case, you know, and not even a Lourdes of Love will ever make her give it up for you,” I said to my love-struck and somewhat drunk buddy Nick.

“Now that’s where you’re wrong,” Nick said, his face taking on a beatific—or insane—glow, “and when I tell Barbara again how I really, really feel, she’ll have to come back to me.”

Nick flung the apartment door open and ricocheted down the stairs, leaving a doorknob-shaped hole in our wall and tracks of any sane sense of propriety behind him.

I knew where he was headed, so I followed Nick’s path to Barbara’s folks’ house, where they told me he’d already left to find Barbara…at her new place.

And I found him sitting with Barbara, his chin firmly fixed to his chest, her hand leaving his shoulder, there on the steps of St. Stephen’s Novitiate, and I could tell the paths to their respective objects of devotion had crossed and moved on forever.

© Joseph Hesch 2012

Lillie McFerrin

Here is my latest Five Sentence Fiction offering, based on a prompt from Lillie McFerrin. This week: Devotion.

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