Prelude to Resurrection

The crunch of January ice and snow
gave way to a squish of lawn tartare
in last night’s unseasonable showers.
The snow cover crust of yesterday
dissolved to dilute memory, save for
the tailings of ice crystals remaining from
the mining of pure driveway during the last storm.

In headlight beams, an eerie fog suspended
above the shrinking snow piles,
all melting into their muddy internment,
giving up the ghosts of
temporarily forgotten winter, and
setting us up for resurrection surprises
well before the dawn light of Easter.

3 thoughts on “Prelude to Resurrection

  1. So evocative of the transition – January to February – crisp winter to soggy pre-spring – best summed up with your phrase “a squish of lawn tartare.” That’s just perfect! I love it when all of the sounds and smells of spring are waking up in anticipation. You really set the stage here, Joe. Thank you.

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