It is a wonder, the Why of the Y,
the confluence of two disparate courses to one.
It happens in odd congruity sometimes,
where the pure and the muddy meet
in what should be ugly, calamitous clash.
But there comes a moment where the physics,
the gravity of nature, human and otherwise,
have a way of sifting the sin from the soiled
and sullying the clear in silty suspension,
perhaps a chemical suspension, of disbelief.
Birds, pulled from the sky at the magic of it all,
carve their own soft Y-shapes tracks,
curlicue memories, in the mud there beside
the languorous eddy captured at the delta.
Perhaps it is their poetry

Here is my very quick effort for my friend Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt, the photo you see here of the Junction of Rhone and Arve rivers in Geneva, Switzerland.


7 thoughts on “Confluence

  1. A fabulous free-write, Joe! I love that photo, and the idea of two joining to make something different…’Birds, pulled from the sky at the magic of it all’ Lovely line 🙂 xox

    • Thank you, dear Lou! As you know, most of the words on this blog are pretty much free writes in the early morning. And I’m sure the magic of that moment charms more than birds! 🙂 xox

  2. I first saw daylight in Troy, and knowing you to be somewhere near Albany, when I read this I thought immediately of the rivers of that area, once my home. Cohoes Falls has inspired artists of many kinds.

    Of course, then I looked at the photo, and realized I had done that thing that readers do: overlaid your work with my thoughts, seeing something that isn’t there.

    The rivers here are younger; raucous, always talking. They jump their banks, change course, and remind me that we haven’t been here very long.

    • I enjoy doing these, Kellie. Because of the “rules,” I take a bit of the pressure off myself to let go. I write something close to this way most of the time, but now I have a reader giving me permission to be a little looser. Thanks for that and all you do, Kell! 🙂 xox

      • Writing is like weeping. It’s a beautiful, insubordinate release. That’s how I see it anyway. 😉 I’m happy that you are able to find inspiration with FWF. I’m all smiles! 🙂
        ♥ xox

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