Running Downhill

Running Downhill (Photo credit: michael.heiss)

Where does it go?
This time that just became
that time, my time
that’s become our time?
I try my best to slow its pace,
breathing the air of life more slowly,
learning to accept all that
my senses and soul used to deflect.
You’ve seen me now recording
each tiny movement, thought,
nuance and subtext, just like
a real author drafting
a fictional fight in a thriller,
stuffing each bead of sweat,
all the booms, near-miss whizzes
and heart-splitting slashes
into as many pages as possible.
Perhaps I am an imaginary man
writing this true story,
trying to fill my oh-so-limited
remaining temporal space
with even the most mundane action
on this, my return to a childlike,
unbrakeable downhill run, and with
the thrill of me being part of us.

2 thoughts on “Unbrakeable

  1. Concept of time has fascinated man since his awareness of the same. But for this poet it has new nuances which surface beautifully with wonderful imagery. from the opening line/ question: “Where does it go?” to last three lines “on this, my return to a childlike,/ unbrakeable downhill run, and with/ the thrill of me being part of us.” That thrill persists even after read of this poem & continues….. Simply marvelous!!

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