By Other Lights I See

Unlit Candle

Unlit Candle (Photo credit: Norman Tan)

There came a time when,
in my deepest solitary shadows,
I realized lighting this candle,
even on only one end,
would most quickly and consummately
consume whatever remaining vital store
I held of the true tallow of Me.
Maybe that was my illuminating moment,
why I now set myself here by this window,
where I absorb the sweet ambience
of Sun and Moon. Maybe that’s
why I visit this pane of enlightenment
where your saving brightness
ignites my avocational votives
and creative motives to
touch off signals such as these,
that I held hidden much too long,
waiting perhaps in vain
for my one final flame.

6 thoughts on “By Other Lights I See

  1. “the true tallow of Me” – not to preserve but to use, to burn it through to whatever may be… to be enlightened rather than waiting/wishing for that state…
    this poem flows like a meditation, deeply inspirational

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