Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes (Photo credit: ♥ Unlimited)

In the dark, all eyes look alike,
no matter which end of look you hold.
Color means nothing then,
just the subjective reflection
of a radiance that never really existed
in the mirrors of our unshared souls,
lashed-together frames
of wide-eyed hope.

Maybe darkness protects our vision
as would a prolonged blink,
a teary baptism, saving us
from bleary illumination.

After dawn, we attempt to gaze
into those brown or blue
looking glasses before us,
where we espy only reflections
of our own reveries, visions we
dreamed up last night in the dark,
where we all looked alike,
just like our eyes.

9 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Joe, it really is something as we grow older we finally do realize that indeed when it is dark there simply is no color! Only with light can we begin to see. . . . joanie

  2. Working with eyes, with blindness, vocationally for 33 years, this poem conjures up a truckload of memories–where Rods pierce the darkness, and Cones allow color to become possible. I know you are using eyes as symbols, but you careened me off into the literal sphere where sight is precious, inner & outer; nice job, brother.

  3. for me, this poem is all about seeing the inner beauty of someone… the inner is so unappreciated; like most people in this world waste time looking for something that doesn’t exist: perfection.

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