Crooked picture?

Crooked picture? (Photo credit: L. Marie)

Through the doorway, across the room,
look out the window, focussing behind
these glasses, I see so much of existence
bound within frames, a life waged
within four corners or, at best,
an odd oval of confinement. Of course,
that could just be Monday talking,
that second small frame from the left
in this third long cluster down
from where it says March,
hanging here on the green wall.

Maybe we all exist within some grand
cosmic gallery, each in our own painting,
our own Rembrandt, Gauguin, Von Gogh,
Caravaggio, Dali, or Bosch. We provide
some kind of aesthetic entertainment
for ethereal patrons of the art of being.
I’m not sure I wish to just be, though.
So today I’m rocking back and forth
on my wall to become unplumb, off-center,
just to piss off those posh Olympian suits.
If you grab hold, we can slip these hooks altogether.


2 thoughts on “Framed

  1. off-center,
    just to piss off those posh Olympian suits.

    Oh. This poem just made me giggle! So funny. I’m a person who must adjust all my paintings if they are a smidgen off. And the thought of existing in a painting… Van Gogh, hands down.

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