Cinquains II


Mourning Dove_5786

Mourning Dove_5786 (Photo credit: Bobolink)

The dove
mourning, lonely,
sings plaintive song to one
in tones gray as his feathered hope
Who? You.

Can’t Sleep

I still can't sleep (3 tones of sepia)

sleepless again
tossing for no reason
except for the look you gave me
all night

Headache Tablets

Tablets and phones

Tablets and phones (Photo credit: tribehut)

beloved tablet
you hold me as I you
my love and devotion never…

And this oldie…


heart of stone
                                      heart of stone (Photo credit: jasleen_kaur)

are sculpted words
hammered out of feelings
on the soft workbench in my heart
of stone.

I wrote these in response to a prompt from my dVerse colleague Tony Maude’s Form for All challenge of writing American Cinquains.

29 thoughts on “Cinquains II

  1. Wow, Joe, like myself, you created four wonderful Cinquains, creating a poetic quartet. Thanks for the RT’s already. I like Lithograph best.

  2. Lithograph is so beautiful. But, I have to confess I’m rather promiscuous and enjoy Ipad, and Kindle, and I’m always up to experimenting with another device!

  3. Oh the Can’t Sleep is awesome but the final one…I fell in love with. Breathtaking. Seriously. Your final piece there is incredible because of your word choice and because of its depth.

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