Spring Cleanup

a light in the attic

a light in the attic (Photo credit: kevtori)

The fresh spring light cants just-so
through the windows of my soul
illuminating the dust specks I
set to roaming on this seasonal foray
up in my attic, inspecting things
I’ve left there and sometimes forgot.
Seldom do I rummage for anything
in particular. No, not really.
I’m drawn up here each April
like a spawning salmon,
instinctual and compulsive as
the sneezes trumpeting my return.

From behind the exercise bike, a glint
of post-equinox revelation flashes
upon pieces of incomplete old puzzle.
With unbent wire clothes hanger,
I root about in the sticky, nasty grime
for this compulsive remembrance,
always keeping its pieces at arm’s length.
Even upside down, soggy, some like broken mirrors,
they reflect the gaze of hot coffee-brown eyes
I managed to hold until I blinked
and dropped them, in a searing splatter.
I close the attic windows’ lashed curtains,
enough of this reflecting. Over the bike,
atop the puzzle, I toss a box of books
where they belong, into that corner of stories
best kept for another day.

Shared with the gang at dVerse for Open Link Night

32 thoughts on “Spring Cleanup

  1. ha..attics are treasure boxes…loved to dig through the old belongings in my uncle’s attic for hours…they also had an old table kicker standing there and we played match after match in the heat and dust..just took me back…smiles

  2. Joe, your notion of being drawn to the attic in spring, like salmon at the spawning season, is beautiful. I, too, love haunting the upstairs, rummaging… and then giving at least 20 items to the Vols of America! (A rule in our house.) Thanks, Joe, and peace, Amy

  3. Lost count of how many boxes I have exiled to join yours 😉 If spring were here yet, I might be compelled to join you in that clean up, but its still bloody freezing, so it can wait at least another week.

  4. smiles…pretty cool…i have quite a few boxes of books…and plenty of stories to tell as well….i really dont like spring cleaning though…my wife better than i…i am more a controlled chaos kinda guy…

  5. And next spring at this time it will be one of those books that you pick up first – I bet. Enjoyed rummaging around with you – thank you. Liz

  6. Joe, you constantly put forth for public consumption great creative writes. I look at opening lines, which serve as a predicate as to whether I will read the rest of the poem. Your open line are just brilliant, they always compel me to read your pieces. I would love your critique of my poetic work more often if you are so inclined. I only ask because of my respect for your writing and creative ability. All the best to you in your development and success as a writer and poet.

  7. The attic has always been a favorite place of mine– to visit the old memories, and then, to leave them where they belong. There is good reason they are tucked away and not with us. Peace, Jason

  8. So vivid… I can even hear you sneeze. That corner of stories for another day would make a wonderful chapbook!

  9. This made me smile. I guess it’s the coming of Spring that brings this out in us, I was nodding in recognition all the way through. (Maybe it’s these NY winters). Great imagery all the way through!

  10. I can see those dust specks floating past in the sunbeams slanting through that window now. Your foray to the attic is similar to my foray into our basement storage room each Spring, to designate a few more odds and ends for either trash or Goodwill, and rearrange and make room for the odd book or other item we may want to go back to another day. Well captured, Joe.

  11. This thoroughly modern free verse poem has a feel of something classic and constant. Could it be the foray into attic takes me back to childhood?
    An habitual tidier, I have no spaces like this attic. My cobwebs, must and dust exist in the dura mater. 😉

  12. like a spawning salmon,
    instinctual and compulsive as
    the sneezes trumpeting my return.

    and the ending… I can feel the careful closing of nostalgia as the box is thrown into the corner… for next year’s journey. 🙂 Thank you for hosting. I’m slowly making my rounds through the AMAZING response Open Link Night always receives…

    • Not sure anyone really wants to peer about this attic, Beth. Its windows have eyelashes and it has more dark corners than a dodecahedron. But I give written tours a couple times a week or more. Thank you, dear! 🙂 xo

  13. I love poems about nostalgia – this one was great.

    As an exercise for myself I always try to find my favorite two lines, I think it was these two:
    >>Even upside down, soggy, some like broken mirrors,
    >>they reflect the gaze of hot coffee-brown eyes

    An excellent poem.

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