Saturday Morning Fantasy

The faint light of morning enters
from the small windows above
and my shadow lies long and lonely
from here to there.
But we never needed much light.
I find you lying there, waiting,
my fingers massage your skin,
cold and goosebumpy, while
my heartbeat quickens, anticipating
of our practiced communion.
It’s always this way.

Around us wafts the haunting aroma
of youth and sweat, lingering with
echoes of our other sunrises.
The fantasies overtake me now
as we coil and recoil, faster, slower,
turning this way and that.
Up, down, my breath coming
in ragged gasps and I know
the time grows close. We stop,
arc as one, and I hear your whisper
as we become two again.

Our time alone is done, so
I switch on the lights and open
the gym for Saturday hoops practice.

Dark Gym

Dark Gym (Photo credit: mikeczyzewski)

This week, my friend Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt is (whispers) Foreplay: Make the ordinary…sexy. Some of you know that I was a basketball coach before I was a poet. Each March, the memories and excitement of it want to tug me back on the sidelines. Just once more. Miss Kellie, I did not expect my memories and your prompt to meet in the dark like this.


13 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Fantasy

  1. I agree with Louise, I was blushing!!! You you you, Joe, you can create such beautiful imagery with anything thrown at you! I am in awe. I also have to say you did a great job, as I had NO IDEA what you were talking about. Bravo! xoxoxo

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