Haunted (Photo credit: Doom64)

To many, I am only a ghost,
something from their past
that occasionally returns
to bump and drag my chains
quietly across their memories. Even
in their presence, I am little more
than a see-through aggravation.

You are a ghost, too,
something from my past
that is always there
to bump and drag my chains
across my sleepless memory. Though
you’ll never return to my presence,
you’re as real as words on paper.

I’ve never been afraid of ghosts,
but their haunting…this haunting…


9 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. haunting ghosts of memory lane
    it seems you decided to return
    with out any effort you make me insane
    but then, I haunt you too it seems :))
    haunting the haunted time and again

  2. To feel invisible, transparent; to have our memories rattled, and be haunted by the poltergeists of our lifetime past. And yet the ghosts live on. You have captured it well.

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  5. I love and can see that this was the seed for your next poem. I read the posts backwards, playing catchup, lol! We do indeed carry our ghosts with us into the future, Joe.

  6. Go up and make things right with the person, tell them I just want u to know, I’m sorry if I’ve ever done anything wrong to ever have offended u and will you please forgive me and if they had anger, hate, or judgment in their heart buried within. Once they hear that, something in there hearts will begin to change, they will be able to witness the forgiveness. For it will cure them, calming there storm, calming the seas.
    Correct the hurt at the source of your hardships that have affected your heart.
    Keep praying through your forgiveness and he will heal your heart from any weight that holds you down from living in life. All shackles that try to weigh you down, will be broken, no more being arrested, God confessed it, stay in the moment and think of beautiful things it will help you become more rested in your chest. Within your heart will rise inside it will be divine feel it within, it helps me see, more clearly not stuck in my mind I live more freely.

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