This Voice

I will whisper hidden secrets in your ear

I will whisper hidden secrets in your ear (Photo credit: HAMED MASOUMI)

Can you hear this voice?
I can only whisper in the light,
speaking aloud in words I breathe
to you or build upon paper and pixels.

Only in the silence of night
and bare dawn can I express
what I see in my dark recall,
eyes open and hawk-alert,

hunting in my heart for that
you’ll never see until I tell you,
whisper it to you when day comes
and I retire to the shadows of sunrise.

An upside down way to live,
but I love this breathing life
of whispers, where before existed
nothing but silence and groping blindness.

Shared With the folks at dVerse Poets Pub on Open Link Night.


23 thoughts on “This Voice

  1. Nicely woven from gossamer heart strings, sentimental yet sensitive. You are such a hopeless romantic, sir, and I embrace every word of it.

  2. When darkness falls… our minds open a bit more to the world for us night owls. The beauty of the sun as it shines upon everything has gone and now is the time to contemplate.

  3. You have some fabulous stuff here. “Paper and pixels” first caught my attention, with that juxtaposition of the old love letter and new. And the sunrise shadows, those ones I never think of but once you bring them up are so clearly a part of the moment’s beauty. I may have to steal those for a future piece. 🙂

  4. Love how your words travel from your right to your left ear–mine go the opposite direction–This is really beautiful Joe. Can’t decide if I love the first or last stanza best…all lovely, though. 🙂

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