Chapter Two

Wrinkled paperWe all start life like a clean sheet of paper,
pulled from some familial ream.
Smooth and clear and ready for the writing,
the drawing, the composing of
an artistic undertaking called a lifetime.
So often, though, comes a day life bends
and crumples us into hunched-over balls of failure,
destined for tossing in with other throwaways.
Settled into my downward trajectory
of the arc to the trashcan I was, my sheet
a mass of idle doodles, manic scribbles,
ragged erasures, when a revelatory breeze
skittered me off the wastebasket rim.

I bounced up, uncrumpled, laid myself
flat here on this desk and recollected:
We sheets of humanity may get
all wrinkled and raggedy, but we still
have a clean second side.
I looked past the creases and furrows,
taking a lesson from the wisdom of
Side One’s first-draft bleed-throughs.
My sheet’s a wee tattered, but it’s full
of smudged and crinkled knowledge,
and all this space left to freely mess.
Not a make-good sequel, just Chapter Two.

32 thoughts on “Chapter Two

  1. life events was the ink and years were the pages
    as I used it to scriblle draw and write
    pages kept on being used
    each day a new page
    sometimes , I wanted to erase
    but, the rule never permitted
    it was an exam, the only thing was
    the result was a pop up 😉
    I kept on appearing and reappearing
    sometimes, I got to write on other’s sheets
    those events were like submit together
    and few times, I was the lone ink supplier
    I am sure, I am gonna run out of pages of my life
    Yes..P would go and age will be no more
    Ink will events left in sight
    so someone hopefull will wrap me up
    and lastly put me away
    that would be my end
    and someone’s everyday life 🙂

  2. ha – you know… all the creases and furrows are what makes a person interesting….imagine how boring an even and white piece of paper is… smiles..nice metaphor…and def. we should wear those crinkles and stains proudly…they tell their own story…smiles

  3. i think the creases and furrows add to our personality you know…make us interesting…dont know many who dont have a few at least….smiles…great metaphor in this man…

  4. Ha, these are words I need to hear just now, feeling myself all balled up in the corner… this is a great piece, filled with truth as always, written in a way we can all relate to (at least us crumply ones) …smiles.

  5. Thank goodness for scraps and blank paper, crinkled or not, especially when it leads to inspired writing such as this. Sometimes the words disappear while the brain goes on haitus, only finding there way back when good and ready. A lovely capture, my friend. May the next chapter be inspired!! I will look forward to every word!

  6. Look at all the worry, care, thoughts that go into that crumpled paper…much more interesting than a blank piece of paper..same with wrinkled and smooth brows. Nice write!

  7. Very redemptive! We do live chapter 2, 3, , 4 etc based on the usable bits we pick up in the previous chapter(s). And we look so cute and wise with wrinkles!

  8. well tied to OLN , Joe…and you dropped the OSP ref. …that’s how we got here, isn’t it?

    Chapter Two, perhaps…fine metaphorical verse and filled with connective tissue for all us penners


  9. I once wrote of how my grandmother repainted her secretary (desk) every spring and by fall, there were enough scars and gouges to show paint from years before. The bleed through in your verse brought to mind grandma’s lessons that we are created from layers, the colors always building on the present. Thank you for bringing grandma into my today. Excellent, Joe *hug*

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