Bienvenido al Purgatorio

Fresno Couple

Photo © Tom Clark, 2011

When she arrived, I wished
mi cara welcome to Purgatory,
this stopover on our journey
from Hell to Heaven.
It is much like the fable
the black padres taught us about
the comforts of the Afterlife.
A myth, no more. But a myth
is better than nothing. Yes?
Perhaps a Heaven really is just
over that hill where the sun
sleeps with tomorrow.

For tonight, though, I am sleeping
with mi ángel, a gift like
cool rain dropped from the clouds.
She comforts my dreams
with her body as I hold
hers together with mine.
Our coupling is a prayer
for the rest of our journey,
where, without fear, we test
the truths of Purgatorio and Paraiso,
because muerte, death, is just
another fork in our road.

I wrote this free-write poem in response to a prompt from my friend Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday for June 14, 2013. She asked me to look at some dramatic photographs from multi-genre artist Tom Clark. I chose this one and tried to I imagine a simple man lying there with his lover trying to reach their Paradise together…one way or another.

20 thoughts on “Bienvenido al Purgatorio

  1. Superbly beautiful – words entwined in poetry as the lovers are – I think most of us chose this image – it speaks for itself, loved these lines –

    this stopover on our journey
    from Hell to Heaven.

    And even if we are not suffering the poverty of a shanty town, there is something rich beyond things when you find love. As the fridge magnet says, ‘The best things in life are not things at all.’

    A beautiful read.

  2. Corny? What? You should give yourself more credit.
    This is moving. I agree with everyone…that line… about the sun sleeping with tomorrow…wow. Gave me a beautiful image in my head. Thank you so much for reminding me that this is not the end. That we are just in waiting for something better. I cling to the vision you have given me.

    ♥ Kellie

    On a lighter note…
    *Do me a favor? Please stop by and read today’s post. Bestselling author, Beth Albright is visiting us! Say hello and make her feel welcome!

  3. Soul enriching verse. Simple yet intriguing, with a pull that is gentle & engaging. “Perhaps a Heaven really is just/ over that hill where the sun/ sleeps with tomorrow.” so adorable!! Our coupling is a prayer/ for the rest of our journey,/ where, without fear, we test/ the truths of Purgatorio and Paraiso,/ because muerte, death, is just/ another fork in our road.” How true!! another fork in our road!!! Superb.

  4. the coupling being the prayer for the rest of the journey…that line really stood out to me…
    and i like death as another fork in the road…
    hope you are having a good week joe…

  5. I like the dissolving of certain boundaries, eg. heaven, just beyond the hill. The idea of coupling as preparation heaven and hell is very nice… Oh, darn it. reread the poem. You said it better, than I.

  6. Wow! Really like this Joe..very visual…and I love the line “perhaps a Heaven is really just.over that hill where the sun sleeps with tomorrow” Beautiful! .

  7. Joe, this is truly wonderful. The line about the sun sleeping with tomorrow – that is just brilliant. There’s so much more I could say, but I’d be just be gushing.

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