Clan Nobody


Window Rain

Window Rain (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

Miss Emily and I are related,
we pair being Nobodies from the
looking out the window branch
of the Nobody clan.
We sit our watch and record
the muffled and twisted
passing-by that runs bleary
across the rain-spattered glass.

Tunnels we dig from scarred
and calloused hearts onto
this bog of white.
Our dreams and hopes
we make flesh like Jesus.
He, scourged with quills
and bleeding ink, raises our
unsaveable souls, turning Frogs
to June-baptised princes.

Are you — nobody — too?

Written — too-quickly — for Miss Kellie’s Free Write Friday prompt of escape, the great getaway.

And shared with the Open Link Night crowd at dVerse Poets.

18 thoughts on “Clan Nobody

  1. Coast of the big black river overturned the sun in the ink yesterday’s story.
    Little girl stomps the old man, with white fingers, like a crow’s feathers.
    You look at it and tears as the rain, and a kind smile on the face of the dragon, which is hungry for a long time under your blanket.
    You only think you – no – too …
    Oh, and you say that?
    Are you – nobody – too?
    And you think that this one?
    In fact – it is everything and more that there is nothing for you man, created by Love. .

  2. “Tunnels we dig from scarred
    and calloused hearts onto
    this bog of white.
    Our dreams and hopes
    we make flesh like Jesus.”

    Oh do we ever. I felt this under my skin. Crawling me, like a tracing finger that knows every part of who I am. Eerie how well you did that. I am in awe.
    Amazing. Thank you, Joe.

  3. In some respects I am…in others I’m not. Just depends on how I want to look at it. 🙂 Kellie is right, this as feel to it, like it’s voice is crawling from the shadows. Love it.

  4. June baptism, with rain and stuckness, can well make me want to send out my dreams in human form to kiss frogs and make fairytales come true. Yet this poem leaves me feeling uneasy–nobodyness and with unbaptizableness would have to be other words for being normal? Makes me think.

  5. Many believe that becoming a Somebody depends upon praise and recognition from that vast sea of nobodies. But it’s really when you are valued by Somebody who thinks of you as a Somebody too.

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