Reality Sets In ~ A Story


Lake at Night

Lake at Night (Photo credit: cindy47452)

A Five Sentence Fiction

Larry Evananski stared across the living room at his wife Rhonda as she watched this episode of Say Yes to the Dress for the fourth time, and he mused on how history and popular culture falsely advertised the husband and wife dynamic as “wedded bliss.”

Shoot, Larry thought, history and popular culture also gave us dudes with perms, chicks with shoulder pads like linebackers, Real Housewives poisoning, and the rest of Rhonda’s reality TV-watching, People Magazine-reading, Dr. Phil (or is it Dr. Oz?) spouting, never-ending stream of subconsciousness fingernails on my blackboard of an existence.

“My mother told me I should never marry you, Larry, that you were a bad guy and you could never be happy living in the bonds of matrimony, but I knew I could change you, and being married to me really, really has changed you, hasn’t it Larry?” Rhonda said earlier that evening for the 725th straight night by Larry’s count.

Larry, who had existential doubts about the whole forever-and-ever-amen part of the marriage contract, even though Rhonda was just as sure of it as he was cynical, had a little laugh and said, “Yep, I can see how we’ll change my life, Honey.”

Later, as his bass boat’s quiet trolling motor puttered them out to open water on this quiet night, Larry pondered what Rhonda had said about bonds, though not quite the ones he’d tied between her ankles and the four concrete blocks there at the bottom of the boat, and he muttered, “Yeah, wetted bliss.”

Naughty me brings you another Five Sentence Fiction using Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word BLISS.


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