The Road to Boston

The Road to Boston, 620 AM

The Road to Boston, 6:20 AM (Photo © Joseph Hesch)

Tuesday cracked open her bloodshot eye, peeking above the Berkshire peaks’ gauzy blanket.

She wonders why I’d awaken first.

“You’ve never seized any other day before this,” she said.

I squeeze the wheel, knowing where I’m headed.

Eventually I’ll run out of morning, out of road to Boston, and out from that coldly accusing stare.

Here’s a really quick Thursday double-header: a Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word, TRAVEL, that’s also a 55-word Drabble for dVerse Poets’ Form for All.

© Joseph Hesch 2013

21 thoughts on “The Road to Boston

  1. I know this stretch of highway all too well. Was actually doing some Melville touring in Albany–the plaque at Clinton square where the old house used to be, the Albany Academy, etc. A truly inspiring town–and not just for the William Kennedy types.

  2. The red-eyed stare of the early morning sun – not something I’ve seen for a while, but I used to see it quite often.

    Really enjoyed this Joe – although that last line is a bit frightening. Eventually we all run out of morning and out of road, but what after that?

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