Warm Memory

in darkness

in darkness (Photo credit: Qaoz)

Darkness resides here,
in the cave where once lived hope.
It invaded us
with stealth and a blatant lie
and left this sunless life,
empty echo, like shadow
that rings black on black inside.

I’d faith that maybe
spark or flame I could ignite,
pounding fists like rocks
on the hardened walls of flesh
that pumped desire once through me,
driving out that dark,
bringing back hope. Then…we’ll see.

And should I fail,
as so often I’ve fallen,
would you brightly smile
once more, so your image remains?
A flash of hope, cold
on my walls, I can steep in
its warm memory.

A free-write poem going back to my original style of linking 5- and 7-syllable lines. I don’t know from where it came, save a period of physical pain and deep depression over the past couple of week or so.  Sharing the result with my friends at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night.

18 thoughts on “Warm Memory

  1. Sad, poignant, powerful and from the heart, dear Joe. Strong writing, all the more powerful for the syllable restriction…definitely from a poets beating heart ❤ xox

  2. Somehow, even as a disabled old man, I refuse to allow depression into my personal sphere; for a poet can find joy midst anger, smiles midst pathos; hope the darkness has passed, and it is good you have a loving companion who can banish it, can transmute it. This piece is a powerful shout, a clenched fist, a kick in the bad knee, an emotional traffic jam; thanks.

  3. “It invaded us
    with stealth and a blatant lie
    and left this sunless life,
    empty echo, like shadow
    that rings black on black inside.”

    I have been to this dark side. Hope you are finding the light again, my friend. Well penned, Joe.

  4. hey Joe 🙂
    understanding physical pain and the terrible depression that chases it like a beast as I do,
    I am warmed and comforted by the feeling I am rewarded with in the reading; the hope and love is clear to see, sometimes I find the sharpest pain and the deepest depression can spark the most beautiful memories, almost as if they exist for us as painkiller . . . add a little opiate and, well bliss therein but if not then the purity of poetry and the foggy nature of a brilliant memory will see us thru the darker days. all the best Joe 🙂

  5. So many poems fit my chaotic mood lately. I feel the darkness and desperation of pounding fists of stone on flesh. I really like your use of “I’d faith.” I haven’t seen this before and now I wonder why I would ever use I believe when faith holds much more depth. Wonderful, Joe

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