To Wake

Dawn Birds

To wake,
to wake to birds
calling to one another.
Calling to one another
in amity, in anger or fear,
in the joy of seeing that
bright face peek over
the far ground.
So eager to greet that sun,
greet one another, halloo
this life of time and time of life,
they rise to the trees,
even fly above them,
to see day coming
before you or I know
it’s there. Before I peek
above my blanket horizon.
And so I wake.
Wake to the birds
calling to one another…
calling me.

5 thoughts on “To Wake

  1. It was wonderful for me to read your poem: firstly, because of its flowing beauty and far-reaching impact; secondly, to reaffirm with myself that some living creatures many others consider “pests” (for their noise, “mess”)…are a most welcome “intrusion” for some of us after all. A long while ago, a poem I had written had its focus on the special “alarm clock” effect of nature’s singing choir as well and it felt highly special to connect with your poetic presence in that way.

  2. I adore the sound of our feather friends and their wake-up calls … calling us to a lot more than simply another day, as if that weren’t enough… Enjoy the vision of the “blanket horizon” … altogether well considered and well done, Joe.


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