Unlikely Mingling

Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan. 1991
Leaves of birch and maple,
limbs of you and I,
protected from autumn rain
beneath this vacant oak.
Such an unlikely mingling,
our clinging,
in damp embrace,
chased here like the leaves
by October wind
and times grown short.
When it ends,
our time pressed together,
like the pages of a journal,
I shall recall the perfume
of leaf upon leaf
and the touch on my cheek
of the chill was
and the warm
might have been.

16 thoughts on “Unlikely Mingling

  1. A seasonal image of course, but an unexpected one too with leaves of birch and maple beneath the vacant oak – and the unlikely mingling of two lives. I enjoyed this.
    (I tripped up in reading the last three lines before realising that ‘was’ and ‘might have been’ were not verbs here but nouns. Maybe I’m slow; but maybe inverted comas would guide the backward reader like me?)

  2. Joe, you tickle me pink with this piece. A different kind of write for you. What I really like is the subtle internal rhyme at play in the piece. I can’t recall reading a composition like this from you before. Maybe I have not read enough of your work. I will say this though, I thoroughly enjoyed this composition my friend. Oh, by the way, I hope your recovery is go well. Get well soon, we need your poetic voice in our poetry community.

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