I found it today the New York Times,
the daily cookbook of record.
I found this watery stew of a word
which is defined as a watery stew –
this slumgullion.
What a superbly gag-worthy ragout
of unpleasantness is this noun!
Not only does it connote a disgusting gruel
of whatever meager groceries a ragtag
gold-fevered Forty-Niner could toss into a pot,
but it tickles the uvula — if not the tastebuds —
with it’s pair of bridge stanchion L’s as we ride
the tongue from the Mmmm on the lips
to the soft palate’s hard-G exit ramp to the vomitorium.
So much to offer the discerning philologist.
Would you care for dessert? Perhaps a slice
of glottology.

4 thoughts on “Slumgullion

  1. This is excellent! What a great way to elicit the meaning of a word, to which we would probably not otherwise pay much heed, but the result of which is to make the word sing in our memories. A rather special and generous way to teach us the meaning of new words and make them stick. Very creative and innovative, Joe.

  2. Tolkien had great relish with these tummy-twisters — Gollum, Smaug, Ballrog, Orc — I’d sure like to see the Barefoot Contessa take slumgullion on, perhaps with lard and eel and pigs knuckles. A hoot, Joe. – Brendan

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