Reflection Upon a Winter Night

Daily Shoot 12.18.09: Flame

Flame (Photo credit: incanus)

Once was a time when twinkling
candle lights in the windows
could warm even this wintered soul
enough to carry it until green
was a living thing again. Tonight
it lies in that long, bloodless moment.
It reflects this pallid season of giving,
these abbreviated journal entries of light
pressed between the covers
of yards and yards of velvet night.

What will it take to poke awake
any remaining embers to a smolder,
breathe ill-remembered fires
to the merest crackle of being?
You brush my hand, lacy, absent-minded,
barely noticed, and an old sensation
swims up to what passes for a heart.
The corner of my mind reflects glimmer,
its own Light in the East. Veins sense
a temperate pulse, gifts of a life.

And you’ve saved me. Again.

© Joseph Hesch 2013


25 thoughts on “Reflection Upon a Winter Night

  1. A terrific holiday poetic sleigh ride, Joe; hard to tell if the POV is poetic or personal, but so well written, most of us just want to reach out & hug you–all saved by the sweetness, the love within the last closing gasp; thanks for the ride into & out of the dark corners of your soul, brother.

  2. …it is a hard season for many. Even when all is “right” the “commercialism” of it all can be overwhelming and drag it down. I have lately begun to feel that Christmas has become too much about “us” being happy … and not enough about … giving in the real sense. Well written, and yes, Christmas is often a very melancholy time… Nicely written.

  3. Many candles to light — a wonderful writing Joe! I love the “velvet nights” wrapped around the flame giving us warmth and hope. One touch, one life at a time, Merry Christmas my dear friend! Hugs… joanie

  4. Beautiful, Joe. You know I scrutinize poems a little closer than most, especially by the really good poets and writers such as yourself. I quickly discerned the abundance of words with the letter “i” in them. They suggest wise diction and provide a nice hook to rally around. The piece feels seasonal, appeasing, and peaceful. I always enjoy looking for your work weekly.

  5. “And you’ve saved me. Again.”
    The sad, almost melancholy feel comes around at the end to find the spark that was thought lost. The touch that can spark the night, we all hope to find that light in our darkness. A lovely piece, Joe.

  6. First time here, thanks to dverse. This poem reminds me so much of Robert Frost for some reason, I guess it’s the truthfulness, the sense of time passing.

    The final line brought tears to my eyes. There is a difference, in this season, as the years go by. I see it most vividly in the eyes of friends – their stress over shopping, Googling gifts… we avoid that all by giving only to charity… and chocolates and goodies for our daughter, of course! Thank you for a settling, warm poem. Amy Barlow Liberatore

  7. “these abbreviated journal entries of light
    pressed between the covers
    of yards and yards of velvet night.”

    Umph don’t know why, but those words really spoke to me.

    Beautiful, Joe.

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