To the Victors

By highway side, black-winged scavengers
already peck at my attention and
the bones, gristle and skin of some mammal
caught in the headlights’ glare
one time too many.
Up ahead, cherry-drop lights flash
as cops and EMTs peck at
the carrion of car.
A short while before
it swerved as momentary victor
over the disassembled fauna to my right—
four-legged prey that in death
had bested four-wheeled predator.
Tomorrow, at roadside,
gnawed haunch and bumper,
blackened shred of leg and tire tread,
will be memorial, champion and victim
of highway drama all rolled—
just not quite into one.

Another 100-word poem/drabble combo. Not exactly the daintiest dish to set before the king, but it’s what was quickly whipped up in the kitchen of my mind’s eye.

5 thoughts on “To the Victors

  1. Joe … I so enjoy your poetry, and am happy to have met you through FWF! I am in the beginning stages of compiling an anthology of poets and writers I have met through various writing challenges. I would be honored if you will contribute when I get past the planning stages. No rush and if you do not want to contribute, I understand. Your choice to contribute and of course proper attribution given.

    Have a great Wednesday!


  2. Odd how frighteningly we just drive by scenes like the one you describe, like stepping over heart attack victims on the sidewalk. I guess the “Victors” are the last ones standing; pragmatic but not idealistic or romantic; nice ride, brother.

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